#BikeLA and the #BCNDatabase


While running a popular bike blog in 2011 (bikecommutenews.com), I was also active in tweeting about cycling in L.A., and found a community of other cycling tweeters scattered through cities around the world.

Noticing the popularity of the #BikeNYC hashtag in New York, I set out to create a database of hyperlocal hashtags in each around the world to organize the conversation and create a more cohesive, organized community of cyclists within each.

The project involved creating a collaborative spreadsheet that anyone could edit, and cyclists could add exiting, or suggest a new hashtag for their city. Members were then urged to promote the hashtag within their own cities among cyclist, orgs, and municipal accounts. At the project’s completion, 175 cities were represented in the database.

Here in L.A., I promoted the #BikeLA hashtag to all influential cyclists and organizations. To this day, the hashtag is used in around 1,500 tweets/month, and the LADOT Bike Blog features a #BikeLA header.




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