Obama for America (Volunteer)

From 2004-2007, The Obama Myspace community I built became the first and largest community of online supporters for any presidential candidate leading up to 2008. At a time when political social presences didn’t yet exist, the community was seen as highly innovative to industry professionals, and was a starting point to what would become the most sophisticated digital campaign to date.

"MySpace provided the major inspiration for the Obama campaign. " – S. Goodstein, OFA

Shareable banners that went viral, plastering thousands of Myspace pages.


From 2004-2007 I created and managed the first and what would become the largest (at the time) grassroots online community of supporters for Barack Obama leading up to the 2008 Presidential Campaigns.

The community gained widespread early support for the Chicago Senator, eventually gaining mainstream media attention and helped to launch the 2008 presidential campaign.

"MySpace provided the major inspiration for the Obama campaign. " S. Goodstein, OFA

Through an ever-evolving strategy of blogging, weekly super-fan Top 8 campaigns, viral banners, and partnerships with other supporters, the page introduced Barack Obama to the young generation, and put Obama in the lead of other candidates online before official social presences became the standard.

I worked in cooperation with Obama for America for a period of time, and once the page became “official”, received a thank you call from then-Senator Obama himself.

My work was discussed in several books, blogs, and professional conferences around the world.

“Anthony’s Myspace initiative highlighted the extraordinary support the candidate enjoyed online and tapped in to a social-networking potential for politics that most people hadn’t even considered at the time”. – E. Boehlert – Bloggers on the Bus, How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press


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