Creative District

In the early days of a startup, every day is a new opportunity to create content and share our message.

With engaging content, a clear and consistent voice, and proven outreach strategy, I helped build a community of over 17,000 creatives collaborating on our platform.

To enhance our $5,000 monthly grant program for filmmakers, each month I created a new theme calling out for creators to share links to the CD projects using a given hashtag. Each month we saw a continued growth in users, social activity, projects, and higher quality content on CD.

At Creative District I had the opportunity to represent the company at Sundance, SXSW, AFI, The Director’s Guild, and several of our own events around L.A.

Armed with only a tight budget and a little creativity, I planned and hosted popular networking events along with partners. On a budget or not, who doesn’t love wine and Cheez-Its?

At CD I developed and managed all email, blog and social campaigns and was responsible for all copy, strategically blasting out our message to filmmakers and creatives around the world.

I lead all community and content initiatives, and offered product guidance from a community POV.


I joined Creative District, a “LinkedIn for Filmmakers”, as its Director of Community & Content just a couple of months before launching in private beta. There I was responsible for leading the development and execution of all social and community efforts.

At CD, we wanted to build a personal connection with our community. This was kept in mind while developing our email and social content strategies, a consistent and engaging voice, and planning/hosting events.

Our community outreach took us throughout L.A., to SXSW, Sundance, and beyond.

I successfully represented the brand both online and off, and together we built a community of over 17,000 creatives who connected and collaborated on CD to create more together.


Director of Community & Content

For – A Technicolor Venture